Transparan Mengambang Bar Vertikal Dengan Share Buttons Untuk Blogger

Jika anda perlu silahkan koppypaste kode HMTL yang saya sediakan di laman bawah,apa gunanya tampilan share buttons...? seperti yang sudah populer dimasa kini media sosial facebook,twitter g+ DLL apa lagi yang di pasang di halaman bloger.Share Buttons bisa menghiasi tampilan dan pengunjung halaman bisa mengacungkan jem-pol di terbitkan melalui media sosial dengan menggunakan widget javascrip    

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title/tag image for histats

How to Counter retrieval code counter code -> add new counters -> select one counter You can see the pictures that show the widget javascript code

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Posts among bloggers if we have meet the demand of readers,the publishing of a page sometimes they do not want to comment after analyzing the new article.Fact that they need the information published by bloggers such as widgets , social, media and other tips . Sometimes they are in a hurry we are reluctant to see the writing carefully , just the point that note , for the more simple we can keep their star ratings  can click one time only then it is a postig feedback for our page . For that we will provide a way to add your article  Star Ratings

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Written by: Muhamad. Hamdan ALfiyah Info Blogger Updated at : 2:23 PM

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