How to Quickly Get Your New Blog Post Index In Google Search


Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah, Blogger all what if today we are talking about less Postings Blogs by getting backlinks from Google, while we really need to be that, because generally when we make a post course requires indexing of Google in the search engines. But had to wait a long time for even a few weeks produced in pencarian.But do not worry because Google has provided several SEO features in webmaster tools more perfect for an introduction to the Bloggers including me. Like yesterday I also have done the same thing Fetch as google is doing so more quickly post the URL generated in the search engines.

How to post your blogs, whether it has been doing integration fetch as google?.To perform fetch as google there is little that you do


  • The first step: you go to google webmaster tools
  • Step two: If you have not register please you to see How to register a blog in webmaster tools
  • Step three: Click the link blog / website
  • Step four: the site webmaster tools dashboard looks inscription "CRAWL" then click fetch as google
  • Step five: if you do not know how now I will give a simple example, but insha-Allah will produce more good. For storage of URLs do not save all the boxes will be a mistake in the URL, such as the URL address: Blogger.html Now who needs to save it into a box of oblique dashes, year, date to html (/ 2014/02/How-to-Save-ALT-and-Title-Tags-In-Blogger.html) or You can see figur as shown above.
  • Step six: after saving the URL and click Fetch then if successful will appear icon green stain, the last one activity you should do is the right hand side click the green icon Subite to index

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Final Words

Wasalamu warahmatullah alaikum, dekianlah How to Quickly Get Your New Blog Post Index In Google Search may be useful to you. If this article helps you make a voluntary basis there is no compulsion to hand out to other friends. Greetings Bloggers

Written by: Muhamad. Hamdan ALfiyah Info Blogger Updated at : 6:16 PM

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